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Valerija Paurevic

Valerija Paurevic is the co-author of “Life Full of Magic,” a guided journal, certified coach, and public speaker.

She holds a Degree in Science; however, shortly after she finished from the Croatia Medical University in Europe, she fell in love with the alternative approach to medicine and self development.

As a result, she was invited to complete a research thesis in London, titled The Impact of alternative medicine on the quality of life”, which was a success and ended up being published in the Eastern European Medical Magazine.

At the age of 25, she moved from Europe to Canada. All she thought to herself, “I didn’t know one single person that lives in Vancouver.” During those stressful times, she decided to practice everything that she learned from the books and videos about mind power to create the life of her dreams.

Now, she is passionate about helping other people expand their consciousness and shift their concepts by sharing personal and practical exercises.

Maher Elusini

Maher Elusini is the Founder of the MILLION DOLLAR BODY ACADEMY; Inc. is an Award-Winning Public Speaker and Author of the best-selling book MILLION DOLLAR BODY.

His life was transformed by enhancing his eating habits, and consequently, he experienced peak mental and physical states of being. He attributes much of this success to his gifted coaches and mentors, motivating him to create the academy and become a physical health performance coach himself.

His mission is to empower YOU and 1 million people worldwide and facilitate positive health habits. His work has physically and emotionally transformed people of different ages and from many professional backgrounds. His exceptionally unique level of passionate energy is unprecedented. The powerful perspective on human health is inspired by achieving self-mastery and exceptional eating habits from a very young age.

The accumulated wealth of knowledge illuminates through his work and is now being translated to enrich your life and the lives of many around the world.


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