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Larry Michel

How are you spotting out your mate?

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

Have you found a Soulmate yet?

Roy Biancalana

Does your relationship need a Detox?

Ma Ananda Sarita

Is your heart open to receive?

Maryse Cardin

How do you talk to yourself?

Johanna Lynn

How do YOU want to be loved?

Elsbeth Meuth
Freddy Zental Weaver

Do you feel alive in your body?

Robert Kandell

Are you ready to live an unhidden life?

Dr. Susan Campbell

Are you telling the truth?

Jason Whiting

Did you tell a “white lie”?

Jason Elkins

What’s your intention?

Jannelle Torruco

What do you want?

Jewels Wingfield

Do you love nature?

Maria Spears

Do you know where you are going?

Arielle Brown

Are you aware of your power?

Wilrieke Sophia

Do you know your desires?

Arielle Ford

What is love?

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