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How To Maneuver Through Stress with Clarity And Confidence So That You can have Peaceful and Beautiful Life

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Jenel Zafer

When I was 22 years old, I was told that I would never be able to have children, naturally. I have stage 4 severe endometriosis. I chose not to believe it. I went on a divine intervention of discovery and self-education, and research on my own behalf. At 33 years old, I conceived my first child, naturally. I now have another child, also conceived naturally almost 2 years old. Not once was I told to take a look at what I was eating or slathering on my skin or using around my home. What I discovered was the shocking truth about our mass-produced food supply and the unregulated beauty/personal care industry. It led me to where I am today, leading the Wellness Rising Collaborative and empowering others on their journey to better health by connecting them to resources, providing value and leading with education and a holistic approach to our health. We truly believe in real food, transparency, and community. Old school wisdom paired with new school thinking! Our motto is EDUCATE, EMPOWER EVOLVE.

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